Intelectual Property

Many companies face difficulties with IP issues in Kosovo. This causes considerable financial and image loss for the companies. Consumers are also victims of IP violations since their safety and health are often threatened by false products.

Intellectual Property matters, with particular emphasis on enforcement aspects, represent the great portion of our work. Our clients are mainly international companies in a wide spectrum of businesses. 

Our Law firm in Kosovo advises a number of international clients on broad range of intellectual property matters.

The office offers advice on the availability of trademarks for registration, processing applications for registration before the Intellectual Property Office in Kosovo, representing Intellectual Property related rights before the Kosovo authorities in Kosovo and dispute resolution and litigation.  Our law firm possesses an extensive expertise on copyright, trademark infringement, unfair competition, false advertising, broadcasting and consumer protection.

In particular, we assist clients in the registration, protection, enforcement and licensing of various intellectual property rights. Our recent experience includes:

  • Registration and enforcement of trademarks;
  • Representation regarding various trademark disputes;
  • Advising on, drafting, preparing and filing of Patent applications and amendments;
  • Registration and enforcement of registered design rights;
  • Assignment of IP rights.



Legal framework

Assembly of Kosovo has processed a number of laws which are in compliance with the legislation in the field of industrial property and copyright with the provisions of international law, especially with the relevant EU regulations. Consequently, the necessary legal preconditions for the more efficient protection of the IP rights before courts and administrative bodies have been approved.

Relevant laws in related to the Industrial Property in Kosovo:

  • Patent Law
  • Trademark Law
  • Law on Industrial Design
  • Law on Copyright