Litigation/Dispute Resolution

Our law office will help you prevent, pursue, defend and resolve commercial conflicts.


Whether you are a domestic, foreign or multi-national business, or a state institution, our attorney’s can assist and represent you in resolving all types of commercial disputes through litigation in Kosovo.

International Arbitration

Because business is increasingly conducted across borders between parties of different nationalities, International Arbitration is an important method of dispute resolution. Many companies prefer to have their disputes resolved by arbitrators rather than allow the courts in one party's home jurisdiction to determine their rights and obligations. Awards are also much easier to enforce internationally than court judgements.

Litigation & Arbitration

Business today is becoming more complex and is often carried out in a rapidly changing legal environment. Disagreements may arise for a wide variety of reasons.
Our goal is to provide clients with business-oriented legal advice with practical guidance on the avoidance or solving of problems. In the event a dispute nevertheless arises, our aim is first to help the client resolve the dispute through Alternative Dispute Resolution methods if possible.

If litigation is inevitable we represent the client in all court instances and all liitigation-related actions, such as appropriate injunctions and other preliminary relief, collection of evidences. After a successful completion of the trial we organize enforcement procedures until the final satisfaction of our client's claim.
We offer litigation and arbitration services in all areas.